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Social Media Should Be A Team Sport!

Social media continues to grow in popularity and its value to promoting dental offices is one that most businesses can no longer ignore. Although Social Media may not be a game you are overly interested in, many of your potential patients are.

The issue that I hear most frequently from dentists is that they don't know what to post and they don't have time for social media.

I really hope that you don't have enormous amounts of time to devote to social media. Some dentists really enjoy interacting and promoting their practice online and I can't argue with that if it gives you a creative outlet and fulfills you. If this isn't the case, as a dentist your time would be better served providing awesome dental services and experiences.

Secondly, if you are just hoping to "wing" your social media sharing I can see how you don't know what to post. Pre-planning is massively important to being successful with social media promotion.

Laying out a year outline and adding ideas along the way can help you set up a framework. Team member birthdays, holidays, charitable events you participate in. Then you can fill in the last minute stuff as it happens.


My number one piece of advice it to GET YOUR TEAM INVOLVED! I work with a lot of offices who are trying to make social media an individual sport when in fact it is best played and won with a team. Social media works best when you are showing the personal side of your practice. Your patients know and will respond to your team members.

First, identify someone on your team who would be willing to take on overseeing your plan- this person will function as the QB. Although the most important person in the game they don't stand a chance unless they receive help from the other team members.

What kind of help? A few ways your team can collectively help

Interact with your posts, like, comment, share

Give ideas- take pictures

I suggest making a team challenge to occasionally motivate and incentivize your team and their involvement!

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