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If you aren't familiar with Pinterest now is the time to look into it! You have likely invested time and energy into socializing and communicating on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

The thought of spending more resources on another platform probably doesn't make your heart jump with excitement. I don't blame you!




Here's where Pinterest is different, the results are different and overall goal is different.


Pinterest is a visual search engine, content you share to FB or IG has a shelf life of about 45 minutes. Pinterest can give life, reach and power to your content that is forever buried in the depths of your website.


With Pinterest the goal isn't to obtain followers and communicate with them, it is meant to share information.

  • For some offices the end goal is website traffic and a higher Google ranking.


  • Other offices can use the platform to increase sales through their online stores.


  • For offices offering virtual consults and provide treatment that draws clients from out of town the goal might include to capture an email and sending a series of emails that walk the person through the possibility of virtual consults and their concierge services for out of town guests/ patients.


If you have a robust blogging history, before and after photos, a podcast, a newsletter...a library of any digital content this is a way to breathe life back into content that has already had it's 45 minutes of fame.


Pinterest users love health and beauty topics, information and photos-WAKE UP DENTISTRY, this is us!


While Pinterest won't likely directly drive new patients to your office what it will do is drive traffic, likely massive to your website... helping to increase your Google ranking and repurposing your content.


Contact me for more package pricing if you are interested in putting Pinterest to work for your dental practice

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