Trello Tips To Get You Dental Team Organized

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

I'm so excited to tell you about my favorite organizational secret and show you how dental offices are using it to improve their productivity!

First I need to tell you that I am not the only one who knows this app is amazing, companies such as Peloton and Costco use it. If you have followed me for awhile you know that I love Costco, if it's good enough for them... it's good enough for me.

Welcome to Trello!

Trello is an amazing way to help your team collaborate efficiently and work through projects and accomplish goals.

Frequently I speak with dentists who have a running list in their head of things they would like to accomplish but not real action plan as to how and when they will start taking action on those goals. I also see teams that are holding meetings, brainstorming awesome ideas- creating list after list that rarely result in action. Those days can be in the past and Trello can help!

By creating a board for your office and adding your team members you are on your way to being the most productive, accountable version on yourself- prepare to be amazed!

Watch this short video to see how you can use Trello for your team and visit my demo dental offic Trello board by clicking HERE- feel free to copy and use it as your own.

Happy Trelloing!

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