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Let's Spread Awareness

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month and I'm rallying my fellow dental professionals to join together and spread some much needed awareness about this terrible disease.

A typical day in a dental office is BUSY... and although we are screening our patients for oral cancer, how many of us are explaining what we are doing to our patients and educating them on the associated risks?

This is our month to step up!

How can we help?

  • Explain what you are doing as you are doing your visual exam and why you are doing it!

  • Do you offer additional screening options (Velscope,Vizilight,Oral ID) at a cost? Consider making this a complimentary service during the month of April.

  • Post information about oral cancer and statistics to your social media accounts.

  • Include information about oral cancer in your office newsletter.

  • Check with your local oral cancer organizations for ways you can get involved. I live in Michigan and our local Oral Cancer Awareness Michigan is hosting virtual 5k fundraisers.

  • Host an online awareness fundraiser (email for shareable graphics and suggestions on ways to do this!)

Need a review of your oral cancer screening protocol:

A few statistics to share:

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