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All The Dental Things Dentastic List

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

The US has somewhere between 150,000 - 200,000 dental offices. One of the reasons I started my company All The Dental Things is to help dentists leverage their community outreach and team members to stand out and build relationships with their patients and potential patients. In my opinion, relationships are the key to success in both life and business.

If you are familiar with Jim Rohns saying "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" you probably know where I am going with this.

Surrounding yourself with people who are excited about dentistry will undoubtedly inspire and motivate to do great things and aspire to a level of dentistry that doesn't feel the urge to buy a shirt that reads "same spit, different day."

Dentistry has potential to be monotonous and somewhat boring or

full of potential and excitement, which route you take is up to you.

Don't believe me? Then I'm glad you are here!

The goal of the DENTASTIC LIST is to connect dental people to other dental people who are inspiring and doing FANTASTIC things in the dental industry. Stick around long enough and you might find yourself joining the list of those who inspire!

Want to be on the Those Who Inspire list ? Let me know how you are doing dentistry differently by emailing me

Those Who Inspire

Janet, a LA native and creator of Sweet Smiles Studio.

"Being a new mom and a Dental Hygienist for 10 years, I was able to witness firsthand the difficulty it was to create and maintain good oral hygiene habits for little humans. When I started to look for children books about teeth, I was not liking the information I was reading. Sure, they were fun for the kids, but it did nothing for the parents in my opinion. I believe proper techniques and habits taught at an early age is the foundation for a healthy and happy smile.

In 2019, I weaved my two passions together: Teeth and art. I decided to self publish my own children's book about teeth. While I was illustrating my own book, I picked up on a few more new hobbies, such as making stickers and gifs for the internet!"

READ more about Janet and find her awesome dental creations HERE

Irene is a Dental Educator, International Speaker, Clinical Instructor, Mentor, and Tooth Saver Since 2007🦷. She recently opened her own dental office that you MUST see! Seriously, click here to take a peak - it's amazing. If her posts on IG don't make you want to do dentistry differently I'm not sure what will. With nearly 20k followers she is inspiring many dental hygienists, assistants, dentists and students daily.

"changing the world through dentistry"

In 2015, brothers Julian and Cody Levine joined Lenny Kravitz and a team of passionate dentists on a trip that would change their lives. Their mission? To provide free full-service oral care to a community of people without proper access to health care—many of whom suffer from both physical and emotional pain due to their oral hygiene. Joining forces with Lenny’s Let Love Rule Foundation and the GLO Good Foundation, the team treated patients for any and everything they may have needed: from cleanings, root canals and extractions to whitenings, dentures, and beyond. For some, these essential services lent a newfound energy and sense of confidence. For many, these treatments were life changing. This community is one that Lenny calls home and one that Julian and Cody fell in love with immediately. The emotional result of dentistry in action opened the teams' eyes to the power of a smile—the trio left the island completely inspired, wheels turning—they had to figure out a way to continue giving back. WATCH VIDEO

Where can you buy twice?

"On a mission to make the world more beautiful with healthier smiles!"

At Cocofloss, we seek to make the world more beautiful with healthier smiles. We deliver superior floss – the softest and most-cleansing dental floss – to protect smiles. We believe we can control our destiny – teeth for life is possible – and flossing should be a relaxing, laid-back experience. 

The floss party has started. With Cocofloss, flossing is so gratifying. It’s fun. Our community of floss-converts say Cocofloss is changing their lives. Addicted, floss fanatics, Cocoflossing once, twice or thrice daily, we balance our smiles, 18 inches at a time. 

Join the floss party. For the love of your smile, come Cocofloss with us!

PRODUCTS We take a minimalist approach to product curation, formulation and design. Our balanced focus on beauty, health and sustainability enables us to innovate for the benefit and enjoyment of all. 

This information and more can be found on the Cocofloss website :

"...keep in style while making patients smile"

ChiaSmiles is a dental footwear brand founded in January 2020 by Chia Egbudiwe, a then first year dental student at Midwestern University, Arizona. The brand’s vision is to incorporate dentistry into fashion by allowing dental enthusiasts to showcase their passion, while educating patients on oral health. Chia is no stranger to the dental field having been a dental assistant for four years prior to dental school. With a strong and confident fashion sense coupled with her passion in the field, ChiaSmiles became an artistic outlet. Ranging from educational designs such as “Occlusion”, featuring the G.V. Black’s Classification of occlusion in a casual, authentic style sneakers to the “Tooth Fairies” flyknit design featuring the famous dental folklore, The Tooth Fairy, are sure to put a smile on yours, your patient’s, and everyone you’re sure to come in contact with! Check us out at for more designs and styles!

Dr. Doug Thompson of Wellness Dentistry Network

redefining oral health with an innovative, holistic approach that leads to beautiful smiles — and whole-body wellness.

In 2015, Dr. Thompson founded the Wellness Dentistry Network, which is an internet-based community of dentists with a keen awareness of how oral conditions affect whole-body health. He also assists dentists and their teams with implementation strategies designed to put knowledge to work in their daily practices. Building a knowledge base of how to integrate oral health issues with medical health issues continues to evolve. Getting started, keeping current, and growing is the challenge in this exploding area. To confront this challenge is the mission of the Wellness Dentistry Network.

Among other topics, he coaches risk assessment treatment planning, digital photography, and systems to transform traditional hygiene services into value-added experiences of personalized periodontal medicine.

Dr. Stacy Ochoa, Dr. Michelle Weddle and Dr. Tracey Nguyen of ASAP Pathway

ASAP Pathway is about Implementation, Collaboration, Community and Outreach.

The ASAP Pathway program was created by Dr Stacy Ochoa, Dr Michelle Weddle, and Dr Tracey Nguyen. They developed an entire system for treating the pediatric airway and sleep pathway, which they use in their own practices.

This unique on-demand program offers all of the Mentoring, Help, Forms and Feedback necessary for you to FINALLY make pediatric airway and sleep an enjoyable and profitable part of your practice.

Read more about ASAP Pathway and these three amazing doctors who are helping dentists and dental practices do dentistry differently! CLICK HERE

Dr. Lorin Berland of Dr. B Dental Solutions

🦷The most effective care system for oral appliances

🌱Help prevent Oral Infections, Dry Mouth and Sore Spots

For more than 20 years, Dr. Lorin Berland spent time outside of his Dallas practice developing products to help denture wearers. But it took some help from the ADA — and a bicycle accident — to officially launch his company, Dr. B Dental Solutions.

One July morning in 2016, Dr. Berland was out for his routine morning ride when he struck a pothole, breaking his hand in seven places and injuring his knee and back.

Having already found some success with Dr. B Dental Solutions, the accident gave him the push he needed to sell his practice and make the company his full-time endeavor.

Membership sealed with the Seal: Dr. Lorin Berland, an ADA member for more than 40 years, developed products that earned the ADA Seal of Acceptance. He called the Seal "the gold standard for evaluating the safety and efficacy of dental products."

These days, Dr. Berland may be as busy as he has ever been. His line of Dr. B Dental Solutions products are sold online and in retail stores, including Navarro Discount Pharmacies, a division of CVS. With the help of his son, J.P., who helps manage the business, the company continues to expand and develop new products aimed at helping denture wearers and anyone who uses a removable oral appliance, including fixed implant full arch bridges.


or to shop Dr B Dental Solutions CLICK HERE

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