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A Step-by Step Guide for Dentists Starting To Use Pinterest for Marketing

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Pinterest is not your average social media platform, Pinterest is a visual search engine that sees over

320 million visitors every month. Visitors to Pinterest are interested in health and beauty topics which is where dental offices can really gain traction. Pinterest is a great fit for dental practices that blog, take lots of before and after pictures, host podcasts or sell products through their website.

If you are ready to jump in feet first and set your dental office up with a Pinterest account, I am here to help!

Let's get started-

1) Create your account here

I prefer to register new accounts completely separate from personal accounts

2) Create your boards. I recommend starting with 8 - 10 boards. Name the boards according to the topics you will be creating and sharing information on.

Board name suggestions:

  • name of your practice

  • dental before and after photos

  • tips for dental hygienists

  • dental health tips

  • children's dentistry

  • cosmetic dentistry

  • orthodontics

As you setup your boards be sure to enter descriptions for the kind of information you will be sharing to each board, this will help Pintererst direct searches to your content that would be interested in the information.

Click here to see the boards of a dental Pinterest account I manage for board creation ideas.

3) Create Pins is what I prefer to use. Striking a balance between staying true to your brand and also identifying what images get the most interest on Pinterest is something you will want to play around with. Your starting goal should be to add 8-10 pins to each board.

4) Create your strategy. Without a strategy, Pinterest will not produce results that are helpful to your marketing plan. What is your goal? Drive massive traffic to your website and increase your Google ranking? Grow your email list and promote Virtual Consults? Sell products online?

Each goal requires a different strategy.

5) Schedule your pins. Using a service such as to schedule your pins will drastically improve your long term success with Pinterest. Join up with other groups called "Tribes" in Tailwind to improve your exposure. Join my new Tribe by searching All The Dental Things under health and fitness.

6) Now that you are up and running you'll want to pay close attention to your analytics. This is where your long term strategy will be formed and help you achieve maximum success. Pins that get the most engagement (not just impressions) you will want to re-purpose and keep the interest going. will help make this ongoing process manageable.

Pinterest has the potential to help keep your blogs, photos, videos and podcasts active and producing results for your months to years to come.

Pinterest isn't the best fit for every dental practice. If you are wondering if it would work well for you I'm happy to take a look and let you know my thoughts. If you are ready to jump in, I will send you my free Road Map To Success, customized for your dental practice to help you get started.


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